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Road to Monteverde Costa Rica

Road to Monteverde Costa Rica

On the way to Monteverde

Road to Monteverde Costa Rica

Follow the signs to Rustic Lodge

Guacimal village

Road to Monteverde Costa Rica

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Getting here, Monteverde Costa Rica

There are many ways to get to Monteverde Costa Rica. Please take read what is of the following transportation options fits to your needs.

Catching the pubic bus

The public buses in Costa Rica are actually efficient, safe, and incredibly inexpensive. A one way ticket to Monteverde from San Jose costs about $7.50. You can even bring you surfboard on the bus for an extra $2.00. The seats recline and are actually pretty comfortable. However, sometimes the buses can be crowded. You cannot buy tickets for the bus in advance; you have to physically buy them at the bus station. Buses leave for Monteverde twice daily; one at 6:30 am, and the other at 2:30 pm. The trip takes about four and a half hours, and the bus does stop for about 15 minutes at a restaurant in the city Sarmientos, which is a little over halfway to Monteverde.

Bus Schedule: San Jose-Monteverde-San Jose departure at 06:30 am and 14:30pm Ticket prices: $7.50 per person

From Arenal to Monteverde, Jeep-boat-jeep

Jeep Boat Jeep, from Arenal to Montverde

This is the most eficient transportation between Monteverde and Arenal Volcano. It is a door-to-door transfer that will pick you up at your hotel´s door by a 4x4 or van, goes to the Arenal Lake pickup point, crossing it by a catamaran boat and then another 4x4 will dirves you to your next hotels.

It leaves every day from Monteverde or Arenal at 8am and 2 pm. Tickets are cheap, only $25.00 per person for3 hours ride. This transfer becomes more like a tour than a transportation between both destinations. For reservations please contact us that we will more than happy to assist you with it.

Shared Vans and Private Transfers, Monteverde Shuttle Bus

If you do not want to have to drive yourself, but do not want to get on a crowded bus, a semi-private shuttle is a good idea. Check the shuttle service to Monteverde; Transportation in Costa Rica. The shuttle is incredibly convenient; it will pick you up and drop you off anywhere, eliminating any need for taxi service. The price is $45 per person. The fare for children is usually 50% off of the adult price. The shuttles leave from San Jose downtown, San Jose Airport, and mostly all destinations as Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio, Liberia Airport, Guanacaste beaches and others every day at 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Driving your Rental Car from San Jose Airport

Your other option is to drive. First of all, make sure you rent a four wheel drive vehicle. Most of the roads to Monteverde are dirt, and there are many potholes along the way. If it is the rainy season, the drive to Monteverde can be especially tedious, and you will not be able to get to the cloud reserve at all unless you are driving a 4×4 vehicle. From San Jose, you take Highway 1 north and then take the Sardinal exit. It is about 2 kms till find the soccer field and then you will find the only exit at your left hand heading to Guacimal. Part of the route going past Sardinal and up the mountain is paved, making driving conditions easier. You will passing through Guacimal, and then you will reach Santa Elena. This trip will take about three and a half hours, and you will drive 105 miles.

Driving from Liberia Airport

Driving from Arenal Volcano to Monteverde